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30 December, 2017

Epic Beans & Sausage

Epic Beans & Sausage
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Epic Beans & Sausage Macedonian traditional dish called “Tavče gravče” in the style of AlmazanKitchen! Very simple yet unreal delicious and nourishing dish, made on coals in authentic clay cookware. This baked beans will warm you up and give you energy for hours! Did you know that in the south beans symbolize luck and prosperity?

26 December, 2017

Perfect Mince Pies

Perfect Mince Pies
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Perfect Mince Pies Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few mince pies floating around and this recipe ticks all the boxes for a quick, tasty treat full of festive flavour without the buttery pastry casing. Roast chestnuts, sour fruits and sweet mincemeat are encased in puff pastry and baked in filo cups until golden and bubbling.
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