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31 May, 2016

Oreo Bagels With Cookies-N-Cream Cream Cheese

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Oreo Bagels With Cookies-N-Cream Cream Cheese Are Giving People The Biggest Breakfast Boners

Forget dipping Oreo cookies in a cold glass of milk, because a bagel shop in New Jersey called The Bagel Nook is satisfying all those sweet breakfast dreams with a fucking Oreo bagel that’s lathered in cookies-n-cream cream cheese.

Known as the “Oreo Overload Bagel,” the damn thing’s a vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel with the aforementioned cream cheese, causing people to literally get a raging boner over how good it tastes on social media.

Who says you can’t have sweets for breakfast? This Oreo-flavored bagel says it’s totally cool to, so go ahead and channel your inner fat kid.

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