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5 December, 2017

Seattle’s Sweet Teriyaki Sauce

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Seattle’s Sweet Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki: sweet! Sticky! Born not in Japan, but right here, in Seattle! That’s right — the thick, saccharine grilling glaze you know and love is hardly a Japanese creation. Modern teriyaki was pioneered in Seattle in the Seventies, and for decades, teriyaki shops thrived as the city’s, cheap, quirky alternative to franchised fast food. But times are changing in the Emerald City. Skyscrapers are going up, new residents are moving in, and in the last ten years, about a third of the city’s iconic teriyaki shops have disappeared. WHY? Can teriyaki — the go-to budget eats of Seattle’s grungy past — survive in the city’s glossy future? We went there to find out.

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