10 Cooking Habits That Could Be Dangerous

Cooking at home has many advantages. Eating home-cooked meals more frequently helps you fulfill all the necessary dietary needs, research suggests. However, it’s really important to follow certain rules in order to keep your food safe to eat.

We deсided to dive deeper and find out what common mistakes we all make while cooking.

It’s impossible to recognize dangerous bacteria either by the food’s appearance or taste. However, even a small amount of such bacteria can lead to serious food poisoning. To avoid it, throw away any products if you have any doubts about it being spoiled.

1. Defrosting meat outside

The temperature range that is considered risky for storing food is anywhere from 41°F to 140°F (5°C to 60°C). At this temperature, harmful food bacteria can rapidly grow. This is why you should always defrost meat only in the fridge or in a microwave.

2. Washing raw meat

3. Cooling food before putting it in the fridge

4. Trying food to check if it’s spoiled

5. Trying raw dough


6. Marinating meat or fish outside

7. Undercooking meat or fish

Food is considered safe only when it’s heated to certain temperatures. This is the best way to ensure all the bacteria are gone. To be sure that the fish or meat is properly cooked, you can use a kitchen thermometer.

8. Not washing your hands before cooking

9. Buying brine-injected or water-added chicken

10. Exposing honey to high temperatures