Sometimes, you can take an ordinary ingredient and turn it into a gourmet dish just by changing a few things. The key is to experiment in the kitchen so that you can come up with your own delicious recipes and try out some of my life hacks as I show you in this video. To make an ice-cream softer, simply place it under running luke-warm water. You can make delicious omelet bites using crisps. Simply mash up different flavored crisps in their containers and add chicken breast stripes cheese, eggs, and spices. In a different bag, you can add bacon, onions, sausages, and peppers and cook them in a boiling pan. Then you can cut them in little cubes and serve them with dips. To make an amazing whipped cream decoration, add some food coloring on the sides of your pastry bag and then add in on your plates or cupcake. Don’t cut the onion for your salad. Instead, you can just use a peeler to slice it. Watch until the end to see some amazing cooking hacks for you chicken and some other chopping ideas using just a glass.