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13 Of The Weirdest Foods Served Around The World

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1. Balut (a developed duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in its egg)

2. Casu Marzu ([means rotten cheese] a traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy. The cheese makers set the cheese outside and allow cheese flies to lay eggs inside of it. The larvae are breaking down of the cheese’s fats and fermenting it.)

3. Mongolian Boodog (a marmot or goat, cooked within its own skin with hot stones in the stomach)

4. Thousand-Year-Old Egg (from China, made by preserving eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quicklime, rice hulls and clay for several weeks or months)

5. Fried tarantulas ([called a-ping], size of a human palm, Cambodia)

6. Smalahove ([also called skjelte], a traditional smoked or dried Norwegian dish made from a sheep’s head. Originally it was eaten by the poor only)

7. Escamole (ant larvae from the roots of Agave tequilana or mescal plants in Mexico)

8. Pig Blood with bread for breakfast

9. Sannakji (it is a raw Korean dish that consists live octopuses with sesame and sesame oil. It looks safe but the little tentacles may choke you to death if they stuck in your throat)

10. Tuna Eyeball (from Japan)

11. Fruit Bat Soup (a common food in Palau, Micronesia)

12. Ox Penis (eaten by itself or in soups in some parts of Asia)

13. Chahuis ([or xamoes], edible beetles from Mexico. There are 88 species primarily their larvae that are eaten in the Central American country)
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