15 Cooking Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dinner

You might think that adding oil to water when you`re cooking pasta will prevent it from sticking together. However, oil can do your meal a disservice. If you want to add sauce later, the oil will actually prevent it from mixing well with your pasta, and the results might disappoint you.

Lewdfoods wants to make sure your dinner meets your expectations. So here are some things you shouldn’t do, to make sure you cook a tasty meal!

1. Adding oil to water when making pasta

2. Straining your pasta water and rinsing your pasta

3. Waiting too long before stirring the pasta

4. Not letting the meat thaw

5. Not letting the meat rest before cutting it

6. Stirring the rice

7. Lifting the lid when cooking rice

8. Frying food in extra virgin olive oil

9. Not making sure the fish is dry

10. Sautéing wet greens

11. Adding cold butter and cream to mashed potatoes

12. Putting too much into one pan

13. Adding garlic too early

14. Not pre-heating the pan

15. Not pre-cooking potatoes before roasting them

Have you ever made any of these mistakes? Are there any other common mistakes you know about? Do you have any more dinner cooking tips? Let us know in the comments.