7 Foods That Can Become Toxic When Reheated In The Microwave

We don’t have time every day for cooking that’s why almost all of us reheat leftovers. But, be careful, some foods aren’t safe to eat anymore if you reheat them, because they are losing nutrients, especially those foods that are high in protein. Research shows that reheating certain foods can be fatal to your health.

Not every food can be reheated and consumed. This happens due to the proteins that are broken down during cooking and the more you reheat those foods, the higher changes of getting food poisoning. It’s important to know what foods you can’t reheat to prevent food poisoning.

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It has a high nitrate content that can become toxic when it’s reheated. Those nitrates transform into nitrites in no time after celery is reheated. This is usually added in soups, so try to remove it from your soup before reheating.


Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach should not be reheated in the microwave, because of its nitrate content that can turn toxic when it is reheated releasing carcinogenic properties. Also, the iron found in spinach can oxidize after reheating and this can generate free radicals causing diseases.


According to Food Standards Agency (FSA), if you eat reheated rice you can suffer from food poisoning. This happens because rice contains some bacteria called Bacillus Cereus that produces spores which are toxic and when it is reheated those spores can multiply.


You should eat mushrooms only after you prepare them. It is known that mushrooms are a powerhouse of proteins, but when they are reheated those proteins break down. So, it’s important to know that this can damage your digestive system – don’t eat reheated mushrooms.


Potatoes are amazing, because they are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6. Unfortunately, when they are reheated, they lose their nutritious value and they can actually become toxic causing nausea or illness.


Don’t reheat eggs – it can cause serious harm to your system! They are supposed to be eaten after you boil or cook them. When reheated, high-protein foods such as eggs contain a lot of nitrogen and this may get oxidized due to reheating.


Chicken meat should be eaten cold. Just like mushrooms, it contains proteins that are affected when reheated. Compared with red meat, chicken contains much more protein, so don’t reheat it, because it can cause serious digestive problems.