BBQ Brisket In Under Five Hours

BBQ Brisket In Under Five Hours? Tender & Juicy On The Pit Barrel Cooker!

Ok, I’m still learning this whole Hot n Fast brisket thing and this was my second go. This was KILLER! 9.2 lb brisket done in UNDER five hours! Smoke ring, tender, juicy.

After a light trim, I injected using Kosmo Q Reserve Blend injection with 1 tbs of his Moisture Magic. For the rub I used some of Kosmo’s Dirty Bird, then the Salt Lick’s dry rub. I got the Pit Barrel Cooker going with Kingsford “Lump” briquettes. I used the PBC grill grate WITHOUT the hanger bars, which also act as part of the damper system on a traditional Pit Barrel cook.

I spritzed as needed with distilled water and wrapped with foil after I got the color I wanted. When I did wrap, I it the brisket with Kosmo’s Brisket Mop mixed with beef consommé. At this time I ran a probe, but cooked until I got the tenderness I was looking for. Total cook time was 4 hours 45 minutes and the temp ended up being 209ºF.