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Brazilian Restaurant Makes The Craziest Pizzas In The World

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That pizza you just ate will now pale in comparison.

Since originating in Naples in the early 19th century, pizza has spread around the globe to become one of the most popular kinds of fast food. In America alone, there are dozens of different regional variants, from deep-dish Chicago style to coal-fired New Haven, from traditional New York slices to whatever the hell California Pizza Kitchen is. But if you really want to see the outer limits of pizza, you’ll travel down to Guarujá, Brazil and stop in at Pizzeria Bate Papo.


Pizza culture in Brazil is pretty outrageous to begin with. Even ordinary pizza shops top pies with ingredients like crab and French fries. But Roberto Dos Santos kicks it up a couple hundred notches with his absurd and hilarious pies.

Dessert pizza is a big deal in Brazil, so Dos Santos’s first innovation was to create an enormous pie so that his customers could have sweet and savory on two sides of the same pie. Once the “big pie” was a success, he then started using small strips of dough to create segregated flavor areas, and the trademark Bate Papo style pizza was born.

As a lark one day, Dos Santos took the central area of his four-quadrant pizza and made it a separate circle. He then placed a whole rotisserie chicken in it and posted a photo to Facebook. The absurd creation quickly went viral, bringing international attention to his humble pizza shop.

Eventually the simple four-chamber pizza wasn’t enough. Dos Santos knew he had to go bigger. So he expanded his oven, had a new box built and started serving up two-ring pizzas, the outside circle with eight different sets of toppings and the inside with four. An uptick in birthday parties inspired him to include a cake at the center of the wheel for an all-in-one celebration pizza.

Fish is actually a fairly common topping on Brazilian pizza. One of the country’s most popular combinations is “atum” – tomato sauce, onions and raw tuna grated on top. Sounds pretty gross, but at least it’s grated. This Bate Papo concoction features a whole broiled fish instead.

If you want something a little healthier, this jumbo pie comes with a salad right in the middle. Or at least a bunch of leaves of lettuce, which is basically all a salad is. We’re not sure how many people each Bate Papo pie is supposed to serve. Traditionally Brazilian pizzas are cut into eight slices and eaten with knife and fork.

Some of these pizzas are so demented that we just can’t wrap our heads around them. In the center of this one, you have a small garden salad, surrounded by four quadrants of what appears to be unsauced spaghetti, pinto beans, shredded white cheese and – no idea what’s in the back. Motor oil and two hard-boiled eggs maybe?


To show solidarity after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November of 2015, Dos Santos created a special pizza with French flavors and topped it with a massive wooden model of the Eiffel Tower. We’re not sure if the person who bought this pizza got to take the model home or what, but it’s quite an accomplishment of pizza architecture.

After he mastered the art of separating a pizza into individual flavor zones, Dos Santos started to get even trickier with his toppings. He’s made pizzas with messages spelled out in dough, giant happy faces, et cetera. For our money, the most impressive is this two-flavor spiral pizza, which has to be annoying to eat.

One assumes this one is for a bachelorette party or something similar. Even though he’s an obvious master of pizza dough, Roberto Dos Santos doesn’t make a lot of unusually shaped-pies. Even the square Sicilian slice, a mainstay at American pizza joints, is nowhere to be found.

However, when a customer who plays guitar came in and asked if Roberto could make him a special pie to celebrate his hobby, the dough master complied with this amazing Flying V pizza. Please note the banana in place of a whammy bar. A lesser pizza man would put a breadstick or something there, but Bate Papo doesn’t play around.

Since Dos Santos started posting pictures and videos of his insane pizzas on social media, business at Bate Papo has increased 40%. He makes about 180 of his ridiculous pizzas every day, and is always coming up with new concepts. Because many patrons want to get a picture with the chef, he installed a cardboard cutout of himself by the front door so if he’s busy in the kitchen they can still get their selfie.

Dos Santos’s next steps? Larger and larger pizzas. We have no idea how any human being could eat a pizza pie this gigantic, but if anybody can do it, it’s Brazil’s pizza-loving peeps who have made Pizzeria Bate Papo one of the most notorious restaurants in the country.