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Canada’s Food Industries In Crisis

Coronavirus outbreak: Canada’s food industries in crisis; More U.S. states to ease restrictions

COVID-19 has resulted in outbreaks in Canadian meat plants, and now farmers say an oversupply of potatoes is being fueled by a steep drop in demand for French fries at Canadian restaurants. David Akin reports. Turning to the United States, Jennifer Johnson reports on the U.S. states relaxing restrictions this week, despite another huge spike in America’s COVID-19 death toll.

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12 Fake Foods Being Sold And Eaten Regularly

Manufacturing fake food is a very profitable business. This year alone, counterfeit food has a market value of $653 billion of which is only sold in the United States. Even the food that is consumed everyday can be fake, and you may be surprised as to what ingredients are included in what you purchase. 

Here are some foods that are very often counterfeited: 


While this problem is mostly predominant in Asian countries, it would still be a good idea to check where the eggs you are buying comes from. According to the Health Ministry of China, ingredients of fake eggs such as benzoic acid and sodium alginate are very harmful to humans, and both the yolk and the egg white can be fake. 

How to tell it is fake?

The shells of these eggs tend to be very rough. They are larger than the real ones, and the yellowness of the yolk is oftentimes way brighter. 


Yes, as surprising as this sounds, even apples can be fake. While the apples themselves are real, all the additives injected in the fruit to make it bigger and shinier is dangerous. When the apple is grown with chemicals and toxins, they look too pretty to eat. Another reason why they are grown with all this bad stuff is to extend their shelf life. 

How to tell it is fake?

If they look too good to be true, they they are filled with too many toxins that will harm your health. 


Often times, canned green peas can be a combination of soybeans, snow peas, colorants and sodium metabisulfite. This chemical is prohibited in many countries because once ingested, it gives a high risk of cancer development and metabolism problems. 

How to tell it is fake?

Only buy green peas that states where the region of production was made. If they seem too green, that means that the manufactures added colorant to the product. 


A lot of companies in the 21st century have started creating and selling meat alternatives. The company called Impossible Foods created a beef patty replacement made out of starch, genetically modified yeast and textured wheat which they launched in 2016. Other than that, some burgers being served are made out of soy and other beans and they taste almost as close to real meat.

Be safe and buy your own meat products and avoid eating in fast food restaurants. 


Back in 2010, it was discovered that companies in China were producing copious amounts of fake noodles to sell. They were being made using rotten grains, poisonous additives and in even some cases, plastic! 

Buy or make your own noodles, and avoid eating in fast food restaurants.


The US Consumer Wellness Center came out with a study stating that food which contained blueberries are unhealthy, when in fact, these foods did not have the real fruit in them. They are most likely passed up as starch, colorants, oil and flavoring. Blueberries are considered a superfood that is why the demand for this in the market is extremely high. 

How to tell it is fake?

Always read the ingredients of what you purchase. If Indigo Carmine (E132) is part of it, that means it is a fake blueberry. 


University College of Dublin researchers have proven that 90% of cod being sold was mislabeled, and that they are a different kind of fish. Although this fact has been proven, nobody knows when the mistake occurs, or who is responsible for it. The fish likely could have been mistaken when caught in the harbor. 

How to tell it is fake? 

Research what a Cod looks like so you can differentiate it from another species.


What you have grown up to know as cinnamon, is in fact, a cheap alternative called Cassia. The flavoring found in Cassia could cause migraines. Real cinnamon only grows in Sri Lanka and Western India, making it a hot commodity. Cassia is produced in numerous countries like China, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

How to tell it is fake?

Real cinnamon will state Cinnamomum Verum on the packaging, while Cassia will have Cinnamomum aromaticum, meaning only the smell will be similar. Real cinnamon bark is light and easy to break, much like parchment. Cassia, on the other hand is thicker, brighter brown and rigid. 


In 1966, an American chemist named William Mitchel invented a substitute for whipped cream which contained corn syrup, coconut oil, flavoring and a thickening agent. This version of “whipped cream” does work well and taste good, but it’s still not the real thing. 

How to tell it is fake?

Ingredients in the package should not include vegetable fat and any sugar.


Because of it’s massive demand and little supply, there are a lot of dishonest manufacturers that fake caviar. It is replaced with cheaper fish eggs and coloring is added to pass it off as genuine. 1/3 of all caviar being sold in Europe is not the real thing. 

Red caviar is the worst of all. More often that not, it is mixed with gelatin, fish soup, oils and red coloring. There are even some manufacturers that make red caviar using seaweed. 

How to tell it is fake? 

Sizes of the fish eggs are all different and they do not look perfect. 

If red caviar doesn’t pop well when bitten, and it has a fishy and sticky texture, this means that it is fake. 


Smoking food is a long process, so manufacturers use a substitute called liquid smoke for their products. This has known to cause food poisoning when the process isn’t done properly. 

How to tell it is fake?

The true smoking process makes the meat or fish dry, with a dull color. 


A scallop is a very expensive seafood and not much people are educated as to what it looks like. Because of high demand, manufacturers substitute the real thing with minced fish, seahorse, and even shark meat. 

How to tell it is fake?

A real scallop are always sold in their shells. Frozen scallops should also have a beige color. 

Do you often come across fake foods in the supermarkets you shop in? How exactly can you tell the difference from the real food? We would love to hear your experiences through the comment tab below! 

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Mombasa Street Food Tour In Kenya

Mombasa Street Food Tour in Kenya!!! (COMPLETE DISASTER)

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Upcoming Food Shortages Blamed On Farmers And Fishermen

Bankruptcies slamming american Dairy and Grain farmers which has a feedback loop of banks less willing to lend because of risk, so less land is planted because of lack of financing. Kenyan and Ugandan fishermen square off over Lake Victoria fish, a look food usage globally and the Galactic Cross.

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JAPANESE STREET FOOD in Osaka at Dotonbori Street

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Sfenj Is A Popular Street Food In Africa

Sfenj is a fried treat that is eaten plain, with sugar, or soaked in honey. It is made from a simple dough (flour, water, sugar, yeast, and salt), formed into a ring, and fried in oil. It’s a popular treat in the Maghreb region of Africa.

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EXTREME CURRY FACTORY in Bangladesh + INSANE Street Food Tour of Chittagong, Bangladesh!!!

First up, we’re taking you to try a famous street food in Bangladesh, the Jhal Muri with a rich dhal lentil curry. Here on the streets of Chittagong, it was super UNIQUE, because the street food vendor mixes the jhal muri with the dhal, which is full of hundreds of EGGS!!! The vendor also insisted that I eat a fresh green chili to go with it, it was SPICY!!!

Next up, we’re meeting with Mr. Monju, owner of Mezzan Haile Aaiun, who is bringing us into his back kitchen CURRY FACTORY for EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to watch how the world famous Chittagong street food and festival food of Mezbani beef is prepared (also sometimes spelled Mejbani beef). Here in the back kitchen, he has a large staff preparing the local masalas using local spices and by grinding up ginger and garlic on their own stone mortar and pestles. Watching the masala being made was an amazing experience!

As soon as we walked in, you could smell the rich beef aroma in the huge decks. The famous dish, the mezbani beef, is prepared using a dark brown masala that is full of roast cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, and local spices, and of course, the most famous ingredient for street food in Bangladesh, mustard oil. We watched the mezbani beef being prepared in this giant CURRY FACTORY and then made our way to Mr. Monju’s restaurant and had a huge table full of delicious curry.

When we arrived at Mezban Haile Aaiun, we ordered 4 dishes. The mejbani beef, the beef khala bhuna, the nola AKA beef nihari, and a chana dhal with huge chunks of beef. It was all incredibly delicious and was one of the best meals we had in Bangladesh, and made us both fall in love with Bangladeshi cuisine!

The next morning, we’re getting up at 5am to bring you for the ULTIMATE Nihari AKA Nola in downtown Chittagong. This is a super famous street food all throughout Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Every country has their own way of cooking it, and here in Bangladesh, it was made with TONS of local desi ghee and fat from the beef bones and bone marrow. Slurping the beef bones is super satisfying because the fat is infused into the soup and you get a super strong flavour combined with all the local masala and naan!!!

And to finish off our Bangladeshi street food tour in Chittagong, we’re going to Nizam hotel for the ultimate Bangladeshi FEAST! One of the best things about food in Bangladesh is the mustardy kick to a lot of the curries, and here at Nizam hotel, we ordered a full table of chicken curry, beef curry, duck curry, turkey curry, and fish curry. And along with all of these curries, it was also served with tons of Bangladeshi bhortas, AKA mashed vegetable and dried fish dishes that are spicy and full of flavour!!! The best part about this amazing meal in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is the fact that you only pay for what you eat, and the rest is brought back to the kitchen!

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