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BBQ Brisket In Under Five Hours

BBQ Brisket In Under Five Hours? Tender & Juicy On The Pit Barrel Cooker! Ok, I’m still learning this whole Hot n Fast brisket thing and this was my second go. This was KILLER! 9.2 lb brisket done in UNDER five hours! Smoke ring, tender, juicy. After a light trim, I injected using Kosmo Q […]

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BEST BBQ RIBS EVER! What can be better than BBQed ribs? Slow-cooked BBQ beef ribs under homemade barbeque sauce! These ribs are something very special, they literally fall of the bones. The taste of it – mmm… So delicious, so juicy and so saucy! Barbecue sauce – such a difficult word, but not a difficult […]

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Beef Short Rib Barbacoa

Beef Short Rib Barbacoa Chef Tom shares an INCREDIBLY tasty take on barbacoa tacos, with this Beef Short Rib Barbacoa recipe! With a history as varied as Barbacoa’s, there are a plethora of ways to prepare the dish, but this is one you don’t want to miss!

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Walmart BBQ Beef RIBLETS

Walmart BBQ Beef RIBLETS Walmart BBQ Beef RIBLETS!! ‘BBC’ Brand! Call me a Food Snob if you want but I don’t buy meat from Walmart except for their briskets. However I found these riblets on the cheap and decided to give them a try! Are they any good? Watch and see!