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Hot Ham And Cheese Sliders

Hot Ham And Cheese Sliders Start with a package of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Slice the whole group of rolls leaving them attached. Remove the top 1/2 of all the rolls in one piece and set aside. Brush the bottom 1/2 with melted butter then put on a layer of mild Cheddar cheese, then a […]

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NSFW COCKTAILS 1 Next time you’re out, I dare ya to look the bartender in the eye, male or female, and ask for these cocktails. Do it slowly.. Let us know how it goes. The Stuff – 3oz. Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequila – 1oz. Smirnoff Vodka – 1oz. Absolut Citron Vodka – 1oz. Jagermeister […]

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THE 6 HOTTEST WOMEN OF FOOD NETWORK 1. HAYLIE DUFF (THE REAL GIRL’S KITCHEN)   About Haylie Duff: Haylie Duff (30 years old) is the host and star of Cooking Channel The Real Girl’s Kitchen, a television show inspired by Haylie’s own 2013 cookbook and wildly popular blog. She is also the older sister of actress/pop-star Hilary […]

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How To Eat Sichuan Hot Pot

How To Eat Sichuan Hot Pot Everyone has their own method when it comes to eating hot pot. But there are some strategies for getting the most out of your meat and broth. From cooking times to sauce pairings, Tang Hot Pot’s Yu Li is here to break down the simmered-soup dos and don’ts. A […]

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You Can Now Get Fireball In A Box

You Can Now Get Fireball In A Box We’ve spent a lot of time singing the praises—and exploring the completely bizarre cultural obsession—of Fireball. We’ve also discovered that it’s oddly versatile: Do you like it as a Cinnamon Roll Shot? How about a Fireball Sangria? Perhaps in Pumpkin Pie-form? Or maybe you prefer a Fireball […]