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AlmazanKitchen Hot-Dog Rush continuous. Today Boki caught dangerous rare Serbian wild sausage snake and that was an idea for the giant hot-dog in a primitive forest style! Extraordinary sausages rolled into melted tilsiter cheese with greens, and hot chilies! Everything is served inside special fresh Serbian baguette. Delicious! Real art of ASMR cooking and Foodporn!

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These Russian Dumplings Will Blow Your Mind

These Russian Dumplings Will Blow Your Mind From xiaolongbao, to potstickers and pierogies, every country has their own regional style of dumplings. Now, a Russian take on everyone’s favorite steamed dough pockets is set to take over New York City. Enter: Daa! Dumplings, an authentic take on the pelmeni, a Russian-style dumpling that originates from […]

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These Ice Cream–Stuffed Doughnut Cones Are What Dreams Are Made Of

What happens when you cross a doughnut with an ice cream cone? You get these beautiful creations. View this post on Instagram "Werbung" || Und so sehen die #trdelnik 's von GoodFood aus: Baumstrietzel gefüllt mit schokolade, Erdbeeren und als Abschluss Soft Eis oben drauf 😥😄 an morgen wird weiter gefastst, aber diesen #foodporn porn […]