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How To Fillet Every Fish

  Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join Mike Cruz, manager of Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Wholesale, as he details the best methods for cleaning and preparing just about every fish you could encounter in the kitchen. Not every fillet is made the same and learning the proper technique […]

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THE MOST USEFUL CUTTING SKILLS FOR YOUR KITCHEN How to cut watermelon or pineapple correctly and with no effort? How to cook delicious strawberry dessert with chocolate? You’ll know kitchen tricks to cut and peel your favorite food like orange and pomegranate, coconuts and shrimps, tomato and peach:)

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PRIMAL “HANGED” STEAK You think you need at least a good pan or grill to make a steak? WRONG! You need few sticks, logs, fire and primitive skills! You don’t have primitive skills for that? Awesome primitive hanged over the fire hot chili steak with marvelous fried rice noodles under tomato-basil sauce. Delightful!

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HOW TO PICK OUT AVOCADOS Doctors and nutritionist alike sing the praises of the green fruit with a spreadable flesh as smooth as butter. Avocados are delicious, healthy and super trendy. Avocado toast is on menus coast to coast. But that toast doesn’t come cheap. Avocados are one of the pricier items in the produce aisle. You […]

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Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking With Cannabis We take an inside look at one of the most famous NYC cannabis supper clubs – Chef For Higher. We follow Chef ‘Hawaii’ Mike Salman as he prepares for the supper clubs big 4/20 dinner, exploring how it came about, how he ensures responsible consumption and how cooking with cannabis should become […]

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How To De Bone A Whole Oxtail

How To De Bone A Whole Oxtail How To Completely Debone (bone out) A Whole Ox Tail..This is something i have wanted to try for years, and i have found a recipe for braised, calling for whole boneless oxtail fillets, so i decided to give it a try, thing life too short to debone […]