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BBQ Brisket In Under Five Hours

BBQ Brisket In Under Five Hours? Tender & Juicy On The Pit Barrel Cooker! Ok, I’m still learning this whole Hot n Fast brisket thing and this was my second go. This was KILLER! 9.2 lb brisket done in UNDER five hours! Smoke ring, tender, juicy. After a light trim, I injected using Kosmo Q […]

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Sirloin Picanha

Sirloin Picanha Sirloin Picanha or “sirloin cap roast” is a delicious cut of beef found on the top of the sirloin. It’s typically served in Brazilian steakhouses where it’s cooked on a rodizio grill and served right off the skewer. Picanha should have a ¼” of fat cap over the meat. This fat renders as […]

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Meat Preservation By Smoking

Meat Preservation By Smoking One of the first things on our homestead we built was a cold smoker. We have smoked venison, beef, lamb, fish and even SALT! I have meat hanging in my off grid home that is over a year old, never cooked or refrigerated, just salted, celery powder for nitrates and SMOKE […]