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Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl

I get a lot of requests from college students for fast, cheap, and easy recipes, and I can’t think of a more perfect offering than this Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl. Having said that, this is one of my favorite things to eat, and I’d enjoy it regularly even if it were slow, expensive, and hard […]

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What If We Only Eat Spicy Food?

Eating moderate amount of spicy food does have some advantages. Firstly, spices definitely increase the flavor of the food we eat. Secondly, some experts believe that capsaicin found in spicy foods helps in weight management by curbing our appetite and speeding up our metabolism. A study also found people to be more satiated after eating […]

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31 Spicy Foods You Need To Try Before You Die

INSIDER compiled a list of 31 spicy foods to try around the world. The list includes spicy fried chicken, spicy phaal curry, and the spiciest ice cream in the world. Among the favorites are spicy alligator BBQ from Smorgasburg in LA, the Reaper Taco from Staten Island’s Gringo’s Tacos, and a deep-fried crab coated in […]