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Steak Preparation By Donald Trump

 This Steak Made By “Donald Trump” Just Shut Down The Tasty Kitchen No one knows steak like Donald Trump. That’s why we enlisted the help of “The Donald” himself to give us the rundown on his famous T-bone recipe. This is gonna be huuuuge! First things first, ALWAYS wash your hands. Clean hands = clean […]

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Pizza Stuffed Pizza With Pizza On Top

Evil Food Genius Made Pizza Stuffed Pizza With Pizza On Top This is the Inception of pizza. It comes from the mind of The Vulgar Chef, aka Kyle Marcoux, a culinary Dr. Frankenstein who “enjoys the finer things in life…. like Busch Light and going showerless for days.” In this video , he makes a pizza that’s stuffed with […]

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FACT: SCOTCH EGG BREAKFAST BURGERS MAKE MORNINGS BETTER Thanks to this protein-packed, egg-stuffed burger, breakfast couldn’t come sooner. Pour yourself some OJ and you’ll be fueled up to tackle anything that comes your way. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Inspired by Sinful Nutrition.