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Creme Egg Freakshake

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Creme Egg Freakshake

Reasons to love this milkshake: If you end up with too many packets of Cadburys Creme Eggs and Mini eggs why not consider making this amazing freakshake. They are sugar coma inducing and capture most of what Easter is all about these days which is an over the top indulgence of chocolate! Sounds great to me.
the iconic Cadburys Creme Egg is popping up in recipes all over the place and this blog is not one to buck the trend. There’s nothing I won’t do for a creme egg, they’re my absolute favorite Easter treat. In fact, instead of an Easter egg I usually receive a Costco-sized box of creme eggs to munch my way through. I’d love to tell you they last longer than a week, but they rarely do. Especially when I get a craving for these Creme Egg Milkshakes, which is more often than I care to admit.


Jar of Nutella
Bag of Mini Eggs, chopped
3 Creme Eggs
450ml whole milk
2 scoops of chocolate ice cream
Whipped cream


First of all prepare your glasses. Scoop out two table spoons of nutella into a heatproof bowl and microwave for 10 second bursts until it’s melted and runny. Pour into a piping bag and pipe swirls of Nutella on the inside of your milkshake glass. Using a teaspoon paint a layer of Nutella around the rim of your glass and roll in the chopped Mini Eggs.
To make the milkshake place the milk, ice cream and two of the Creme Eggs in a blender and whizz up until fully liquidised. Pour into your glasses and top with a big swirl of whipped cream and drizzle with the remaining Nutella. Cut the remaining Creme Egg in half and pop it on top of your masterpiece.