Fast Food Breakfast Menus Ranked Worst To Best

Along with the internet and no-spill wine glasses, the modern breakfast sandwich ranks among one of the most momentous inventions of the 20th century, and you can get a version of it at most food locations. Still, some places do breakfast better than others. Let’s go in order from worst to first when it comes to the fast food industry’s breakfast sammies.

Did you know Subway served breakfast? Neither did 19 percent of Subway customers. The sandwich chain launched a breakfast menu in 2010, but started letting locations opt out in the summer of 2018.

The decision to phase out breakfast is probably a good one. Subway’s breakfast offerings consist of four sandwiches with ingredients including bacon, steak, and egg, and can be served on any one of Subway’s signature uninspiring breads. The meat tastes like it was sitting out on the assembly line all morning. The egg blend is bland and rubbery, and reportedly contains a disturbing number of scary ingredients like propylene glycol, also found in antifreeze; glycerin, which is found in soap, and a common ingredient in Silly Putty. Not exactly the best stuff to line your tummy with before heading off to school or work.

McDonald’s gets the credit for masterminding the breakfast sandwich and spearheading the fast-food breakfast industry, but Jack in the Box was serving a less successful version of an egg, meat, and cheese morning sandwich for at least a year before McDonald’s rolled out its Egg McMuffin. Jack in the Box has also been serving breakfast all day for more than two decades.

So why haven’t Jack in the Box’s breakfast offerings enjoyed the same lovin’? Because the chain’s morning selection is just a little lackluster. It’s got the standards: English muffin breakfast sandwiches, biscuit sandwiches, croissant sandwiches, hash browns, and mini pancakes. All hearty, familiar, and fast, but unremarkable.

It even has a couple of breakfast burritos, one of which is served with a promising sounding “creamy Sriracha sauce.” While it has a Sriracha-like flavor, it doesn’t pack much heat. This makes it especially disappointing to spice fanatics.