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30 December, 2016

French Pastry Decoration – Hnnngg…

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A big hat tip to Chaostrophic‘s VIP Draculya for this great find.

Such sublimely supreme satisfaction…

You can always add one more thing on top, always.

If your idea of making a decadent dessert involves a box with powder in it and instructions on the back, you’re not alone. Sure, sometimes we might venture a little outside of our comfort zone and spring for the pre-made puff pastry in the refrigerator aisle, but that’s just about as far as we’re willing to go.

Whipping together a masterfully decorated treat seems so difficult. Then again, when you watch this mastermind…er, I mean chef…assembling his beautiful desserts, it somehow looks incredibly simple.

These are the whimsical creations of Pastry Chef Garry Larduinat. He grew up in Limoges, France (some say the origin of the baby madeline), the son of two chefs, and apprenticed his way all the way up to the executive chef position at one of New York City’s finest pastry shops, Payard Patisserie. Larduinat has since left Payard but is still making exceptional, inventive masterpieces for Instagram.

Get ready to feel hungry and maybe even a little hypnotized.



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