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Giant Versions Of Junk Food

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12 Giant Versions Of Junk Food Guaranteed To Impress

What’s not to love about junk food? It’s delicious, cheap, it’s everywhere. The one problem? Its size. You’re practically finished right after you’ve begun.

Well these 12 people used their culinary skills to help fix that problem, creating 12 gigantic versions of junk food that could feed you for a lifetime.

Or like, a day, minimum.

1. Giant KitKat

Grocery stores need to start carrying these.

giant candy picture

2. Giant Twix

These are works of art. Even nailed that horizontal drizzle.

giant candy picture


3. Giant Rolo

LOOK at that caramel.

giant candy picture


4. Giant Reese’s

If the 1 lb. version wasn’t big enough for you.

giant candy picture


5. Giant Starburst

Sadly, it became hard as a rock. But hey, I wouldn’t mind gnawin’ on that for a while.

giant candy picture


6. Giant Snickers

The dimensions may be a bit off, but you won’t find anyone complaining.

giant candy picture


7. Giant Skittle

Screw a taste of the rainbow, I want the whole thing.

giant candy picture


8. Giant Heart Lollipop

With imperfections that make it look oddly similar to a human heart.

giant candy picture


9. Giant Peep

This is how you win Easter.

giant candy picture


10. Giant Gummi Worm

Did it need to be a gif? No. Am I glad it is? Yes.

giant candy picture


11. Giant Ferrero Rocher

The Ferrari of Ferrero, if you will.

giant candy picture


12. Giant Cadbury Creme Egg

You could almost bathe a small child in this thing. But don’t.

giant candy picture