Gourmet ‘Bombay Crush’ Milkshake

Gourmet ‘Bombay Crush’ Milkshake

Reasons to love this milkshake: Once again we look to India for another great recipe that shows why this country is one of the best in the world for shake recipes. This recipe is a labour of love and does require an awful lot of effort, but the results are like nothing else you would have tasted before. With a healthy, strawberry taste this shake is sweet, thick and could cool down the surface of the sun if it was needed. If you need to survive the hot sun be it in India or your own country, this is the shake to make.

Gourmet ‘Bombay Crush’ Milkshake
Servings: 6-8
Author: Foodeva Marsay(@foodeva_marsay)


1 Litre Fresh Milk
250ml Fresh Cream
6 Tablespoon Nesquik Strawberry flavored powder
6 Tablespoon Rose Syrup
1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream , Plus additional amounts for serving
Tukmaria/Sabjha seeds (soaked)
Shredded Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly

~ Make the Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly, and allow to set well before Shredding/Grating
Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly – @foodeva_marsay
> 2 cups Boiling water + 1 and 1/2 – 2 teaspoon Falooda powder (Agar Agar) + 8 Tablespoon Rose Syrup + 1 Tablespoon Sugar(optional)
> Mix well and allow to set in refrigerator.

~ Add the Milk, Fresh Cream, Strawberry Flavoured powder, Rose Syrup and 1 Cup Vanilla Ice cream to a blender, and blend until well mixed and frothy.

~ Keep this milkshake in the freezer for 30 minutes – 1 hour, or until slushy and icy cold

~ In a Serving Glass, Add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, Shredded Rose Syrup Ghas/Jelly, Some of the soaked Sabja Seeds, and a drizzle of rose syrup around the inside of the glass/carafe

~ Remove the Milkshake from the Freezer, and if too slushy, quickly blend again, and pour into serving glasses.

~ Top the glass with more shredded Rose Syrup Jelly and a sprinkle of Sabjha seeds. Best Enjoyed immediately and ice cold.