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13 October, 2016

How To Make A Fancy And Delicious McRib Clone

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J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, even within the realm of professional chefs, is an absolute madman. Even his midnight snacks are more involved than most people’s date-night dinners. Behold his latest creation: Ribby McRibface.

Ribby McRibface, unlike the standard McRib, is technically available any time. Yet a vast gulf lies between “available” and “realistically attainable.” Everything except the damn onion is made from scratch.Everything.

Lopez-Alt’s patty alone—and I’ll remind everyone here that a standard McRib is a measly $3, and is only really exciting because, like pumpkin spice drinks, it’s scarce and hilariously bad—is smoked, glazed, ground, reformed, grilled, and glazed again.

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