Huge Scandals That Rocked The Food Network

It would be easy to expect most of what goes on behind the scenes of the Food Network to be pretty wholesome, but that’s not the case. It turns out that TV chefs get up to all sorts of Kitchen Confidential-type stuff, and it’s pretty scandalous.

Mexican chef Marcela Valladolid has appeared on several Food Network shows including her own Mexican Made Easy and a long-running stint on The Kitchen, while British celeb chef Paul Hollywood is best-known as a judge of The Great British Bake Off. In 2013, they collaborated on-screen, judging The American Baking Competition. They became quite cozy off-screen as well, indulging in a brief fling that nevertheless had some serious fallout. Hollywood’s wife filed for divorce, and Vallodolid and her husband also divorced.

Vallodolid’s TV show hosting jobs fizzled, and she’s moved on in her personal life. Hollywood, on the other hand, still has a thriving career, judging Bake Off and hosting cooking shows for various TV networks including the Cooking Channel. On the domestic front, however, things have gone pretty far south since he and his fling parted. While his wife eventually welcomed him back after the affair, she booted him out again a few years later when he got caught kissing a cooking show contestant.

Rachael Ray has gone way beyond celebrity chef to one-woman powerhouse: TV host, author, entrepreneur, and champion of all animals in need. In fact, she’s so into doggos that she created a very special food with her own beloved pooch in mind, and a portion of the profits are donated to her own Rachael Ray Foundation, with the ultimate goal of helping animals in need.

Well, what about animals who have become ill from ingesting suspicious chemicals? Chemicals, perhaps, found among the “natural” ingredients in Ray’s “Nutrish” line of pet foods? A $5 million lawsuit filed in 2018 alleges that Nutrish foods contain glyphosate, an herbicide used to make weed-killers such as Roundup. Rachael Ray herself was not named in the lawsuit, and claimed to be feeding Nutrish to her own dog despite the controversy. Petsmart, one of the brand’s biggest retailers, didn’t drop Ray or her product line, but did issue a statement that it would be closely monitoring the situation. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, but this most recent issue, on top of other earlier complaints, poor reviews and even recalls of Ray’s pet food products, indicate that she might not be such an animal nutrition guru, after all.