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9 June, 2017

Making A French Omelette

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Making A French Omelette

I cooked a french omelette.

This is a pretty straight-forward classic technique. Beat a couple eggs with a pinch of salt (despite what some TV chefs say, salt actually loosens protein networks in eggs, which in turn helps them retain more moisture and tenderness and weep less), then cook them in a hot skillet with butter. Stir them really fast with a fork or a couple chopsticks (I use a nylon fork so as not to ruin my nonstick pan), while simultaneously shaking the pan.

Tilt the pan so the eggs collect in the back, then fold the edge closest to you up towards the egg. Loosen the edges all around, then tap the handle to cause the omelette to ride up and curl back over itself. Invert it onto a plate and blammo. Omelette. I like mine super soft and tender in the center. The French call it

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