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Mistakes That Will Haunt Subway Forever

Subway has been the home of the “footlong” since 1965, but nothing expands as fast as Subway has without knocking a few things over. Here are a few mistakes Subway probably wishes it could turn into a recipe for special sauce and keep secret — unfortunately, they’re burned in our memories forever.

Subway invested lot in the image of Jared Fogle, who lost 245 pounds eating their sandwiches. At the time his ads were first broadcast, they had a huge impact… but we all know what happened next. He took a page out of literature, and he went to prison for it.

“Again, 15 years in prison for Jared Fogel. 188 months.”

But hiring him wasn’t the only mistake, because you could argue that Subway had no way of knowing just what his deepest, darkest secrets actually were. Their mistakes just kept coming months after Fogle’s arrest, when the sandwich chain decided to speak up.

“The company was quick to issue a statement, saying it ended its relationship with the spokesman. And a local PR expert says Subway had no choice.”

Considering the very serious accusations against him, this just doesn’t seem like enough outrage from Subway, does it? When it came out that Fogle’s charity — which was supposed to help obese children get healthy — didn’t get most of the donations it was supposed to, Subway didn’t try to make things right there, either.


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