We love Oreos, don’t we? As far as cookies go, they’ve got it all. Those little discs of chocolatey goodness with a deliciously creamy center keep us coming back for more time and time again. 40 billion cookies are made and sold every year, making them one of the most popular snacks of their kind.

It’s not uncommon to see them used in different ways, either. Oreo cheesecakes are up there on a godly level, alongside Oreo milkshakes. These food creations just make sense. Now, one savvy inventor has changed the game by inventing Oreo rice. We’re both intrigued and concerned.

According to Metro, the disturbing new dish first reared its ugly head on Twitter, where users voiced their disdain. Rice pudding has been a traditional staple for decades, especially in England, but we can’t help but feel that this is crossing some sort of unspoken line.

Twitter user Wayhu Illahi was the man behind the images that gained 8,000 likes and 2,000 comments from people critiquing the unsettling use of America’s favorite cookie.

For those of you that feel like getting your freak on, the recipe seems quite easy – dump the Oreos in a rice cooker and obliterate them with a spoon like they were your high school boyfriend.

Next, add the milk and let the rice boil to weird, chocolatey grain delight. While Illahi swears by it, the rest of the world is suspicious and dismayed. The graphic designer thought the reaction he received was hilarious, and defiantly shared another snap of himself eating the rice sandwiched in-between a normal, delicious Oreo.

Some users likened the concoction to a pregnancy craving, while others denounced it as work of the devil. Another shared a snap of themselves dunking an Oreo into Red Bull. Us? Well, we’re not making any judgments. We’ve been known to eat to some weird things here at The Things.

What do you think? Could you get down with Illahi and his strange taste in treats, or are you officially done with the internet? Either way, go grab your Oreos and hold them a little tighter. There are some messed up people in this world that will stop at nothing to satisfy their depraved tastebuds.