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6 February, 2018

Pickled Eggs

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Pickled Eggs

My “Award winning” pickled eggs are easy to make. Let them age on the counter for about 4 – 7 days, or they won’t peel easy. Don’t age them in the refrigerator, room temperature aging is the best. Soda water optional, but I find it seems to help. No need for refrigeration it makes them tough. Sugar, salt and vinegar keeps ’em safe at room temperature. A quart doesn’t last more than a day or so at our house. However since these are not “truly” pickled you can’t store them like other traditional “real” pickled foods. My recipe is not to be confused with food preservation. My eggs are for eating in a few days and are nothing more than a tasty hard boiled egg. Award winning? Yep…Local county fair. Blue ribbon 2 different years. Go Kansas!
1.30.18 – I stopped doing the Vinegar bath and think the eggs are more tasty. Make sure and pack ’em tight.

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