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26 April, 2016

Pizza Stuffed Pizza With Pizza On Top

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Evil Food Genius Made Pizza Stuffed Pizza With Pizza On Top

This is the Inception of pizza. It comes from the mind of The Vulgar Chef, aka Kyle Marcoux, a culinary Dr. Frankenstein who “enjoys the finer things in life…. like Busch Light and going showerless for days.”

In this video , he makes a pizza that’s stuffed with pizza and topped with pizza bagel bites. It’s exactly what we’ve come to love and expect from a man who “pissed all over Bret Michaels fucking tour bus at the age of 25.”

In his own words: “All you need for this fuckin’ banger is a couple of pizza doughs, a cooked frozen pizza, some cheese, sauce, and mini pizzas.”

I bet this bad boy tastes amazing dipped in ranch dressing at 3 AM.


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