Signs You’re Eating Pre-Made Food At A Restaurant

Even at fine dining restaurants, serving pre-made food is a common practice most patrons are not aware of. So how can you know for sure your food was made before you ever sat down at your table? Here’s how to tell if the food you’re eating is fresh.

You may be excited to see your waitress approaching with your food as not long after you order it, but the biggest indicator that you’re dining at a restaurant serving pre-made food is how quickly your food arrives at the table.

A freshly prepared meal that’s made to order takes time. What doesn’t take much time is reheating pre-made food, like is often done at fast-food restaurants. If you’re at a non fast-food restaurant and the food comes out lickety-split like drive-thru service, that’s a telltale sign that the restaurant is serving pre-made food.

After all, it should take a lot longer to make a fresh grilled chicken breast or risotto than it does to assemble a fast food burger.

Watch the video for more about signs you’re eating pre-made food at a restaurant!