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Snacks Even The Devil Couldn’t Refuse

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Make Snacks Even The Devil Couldn’t Refuse With The Diablo

You know the Jim Gaffigan Hot Pockets bit? Of course you do. It’s funny because it’s true but also relatable because who doesn’t love a terrible Hot Pocket now and then?

Well what if you could make not-so-bad for you hot pockets at home. You can with the Diablo.

A Diablo is a deep, disc-shaped snack usually made with bread for devilishly deep toasted sandwiches. No mess, no plug, no problem. Titanium, non-stick, scratch-resistant coating, dishwasher safe. The Diablo can be used on gas, ceramic and electric hobs. There is no limit to the variety of meals and snacks that can be made with the Diablo. A range of delicious recipes for this versatile piece of cookware are included in the package – from simple cheese sandwiches to pizza calzones and cherry turnovers! A great way to make a quick, delicious snack or mini-meal.

The only thing missing is a catching jingle.