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Beef And Carrot Stew

Beef And Carrot Stew The Beef and carrot stew a classic French recipe that is reallly worth trying. The Boeuf carottes is simple Beef stew with mainly carrots, onions shallots, a hint of tomato paste and white wine. it has very singular sweet taste to it and can be made at home very easily.

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Chunky Vegetable Soup

Chunky Vegetable Soup A lovely look back at the archives. Not only is this soup recipe full of delicious flavour, it’s also affordable, healthy, quick to make and uses just one pan! Jools Oliver uses bacon, rosemary and chopped onion to form the base, while carrots, leek, celery, borlotti beans and kale to make for […]

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Raymond Blanc’s Best Ever Boeuf Bourguignon

Raymond Blanc’s Best Ever Boeuf Bourguignon    Celebrity chef Raymond Blanc and our Executive Chef at Brasserie Blanc, Clive Fretwell cook this classic French dish. Boeuf Bourguignon is a delicious rich slow-cooked dish, and is part of our Les Classiques selection of great dishes that we think we do really well at Brasserie Blanc. Pop […]