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12 Cooking Tips That Can Save Your Dishes

12 Cooking Tips That Can Save Your Dishes 1. How to bake a flat cake © livforcake In order to get a flat top on a cake instead of a dome-like shape, wrap the baking form with a strip of wet durable cloth (you can use an old towel). This trick will help bake ideally flat biscuits. You can find more details here. 2. An easy trick to prevent fish […]

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How Fiesta Dinnerware Is Made

How Fiesta Dinnerware Is Made Fiesta Dinnerware was first created by the Homer Laughlin China Company in 1936. The colorful dinnerware was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead during the Great Depression with the intention of lifting people’s spirits. Here’s how the Fiesta Dinnerware plates, bowls, and more are made. 

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Midnight Margherita Pizza In Naples

Midnight Margherita Pizza In Naples Jamie loves pizza. Gennaro loves pizza. You love pizza. Watch this! These two make a wonderful Margherita pizza on the hills above Naples, the birthplace of pizza, while filming Jamie Cooks Italy. It’s knocked up with fantastic homemade dough, sweet tomato, beautiful creamy mozzarella and fragrant basil. What could be […]

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BLACK MAC AND CHEESE Why do you need a regular mac n cheese if you can have black mac & cheese? Today you will learn not only the recipe for macaroni and cheese but also how to make best homemade pesto sauce from lemon basil with real hazelnuts and delicious chicken breasts in Chinese style […]

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Hot Ham And Cheese Sliders

Hot Ham And Cheese Sliders Start with a package of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Slice the whole group of rolls leaving them attached. Remove the top 1/2 of all the rolls in one piece and set aside. Brush the bottom 1/2 with melted butter then put on a layer of mild Cheddar cheese, then a […]

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ROPE ROASTED CHICKEN Beautiful sunny day and it is exact day for wonderful hang-roasted stuffed with organic tomato and fresh basil chicken under rich own delicious sauce paired with perfect sweet potato for the garnish! You go to gym or have a diet, or both for your six-pack, or third option: you just want to […]