Thai Food At Legendary Kui Mong Restaurant

Huge DEEP FRIED River Shrimp – Thai Food at Legendary Kui Mong (กุ่ยหมง) Restaurant!

One day for lunch we drove out to Kui Mong (กุ่ยหมง), a legendary restaurant that is the original restaurant in Thailand serving deep fried river shrimp (prawns). In order to get the largest size, Puppup had to actually call the restaurant to order them one month in advance. If you just walk in you can get 400 or 600 gram shrimp probably, but the 800 gram single shrimp are hard to come by these days in Thailand.

Kui Mong (กุ่ยหมง) is very well known among Thais, mainly because most restaurant grill their river shrimp, but Kui Mong (กุ่ยหมง) is the first to deep fry them, and serve them in a ridiculously delicious oily shrimp sauce. The sauce is one of the greatest things you’ll ever taste on rice, combined with more chili garlic sauce and an alternating bite of succulent river shrimp.

The owners family are very nice, but unfortunately since it’s such a secret recipe, we weren’t able to see the cooking – so that’s why this is just a short extra Thai food video – only showing the massive deep fried Thai river shrimp and eating them.

Price – 2,000 THB ($63.44), per 800 grams shrimp