About Haylie Duff:

Haylie Duff (30 years old) is the host and star of Cooking Channel The Real Girl’s Kitchen, a television show inspired by Haylie’s own 2013 cookbook and wildly popular blog. She is also the older sister of actress/pop-star Hilary Duff. Haylie began her career as an actress and singer-songwriter gaining worldwide attention for her role in “Napoleon Dynamite” and has since appeared in numerous film, television and theatre productions including the hit series, “7th Heaven” and Broadway’s “Hairspray.” Haylie comes in at the strong spot of 7 on this list, while she may not be as hot as Hilary, she definetly cracks the top 10 here.

About The Real Girl’s Kitchen:

Haylie’s real interest in cooking sparked after her dad gifted her his grandmother’s cookbook full of family recipes. Tucked inside, Haylie discovered a handwritten note from a café owner dating back to 1934. The note included one of his top-secret recipes, inspiring Haylie to share her recipes in the same gracious sentiment. The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog and cookbook have since become a destination for fans and foodies alike.








About Claire Robinson:

Claire graduated from the University of Memphis in 1999 with a B.A. in Communications. She gained behind-the-scenes media experience at Memphis’s CBS affiliate, WREG-TV, and at WMC-FM radio. At Tiger Sports Properties, a sports marketing agency, Claire handled marketing for the University of Memphis’s athletic department. She decided to pursue her dream by moving to New York City and attending the French Culinary Institute; she graduated in November 2005. Along with being an accomplished private chef, Claire spent time working on culinary production teams for several cooking series, including Food Network’s Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello and PBS’s Everyday Baking for Everyday Food. Claire is an adrenaline junky and I can say watching her cook makes my heart race too. Claire has a great rack which is always appreciated in my book.

About 5 Ingredient Fix:

In this show Claire takes 5 ingredients (salt and pepper excluded) and makes wonderful dishes. It is basically cooking for dummies, which is greatly appreciated.







About Katie Lee:

Katie Lee (33 years old) was raised in West Virginia she began cooking at the tender age of 4 under the guidance of her mentor Grandma Dora. Using fresh vegetables from her grandpa’s garden and meat from the family’s cattle and pig farms, Katie quickly learned the value of seasonal ingredients. Katie’s first cookbook, The Comfort Table, was released in 2008, soon followed by The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions (2009). She writes a column for SELF and published her first novel, Groundswell, in 2011.  She was also married to Billy Joel from 2004-2010, and as the saying goes ‘if she’s hot enough for Billy FUCKING Joel, then she’s hot enough for me’.

About The Kitchen:

Katie works on The Kitchen which is basically food talk show. But let’s get serious who cares what she’s in, she is hot as hell.












About Natalie J. Forte:

Natalie J. Forté has a broadcast journalism degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she quickly combined her passion for entertainment and food, as she began traveling the globe to cover some of the world’s most popular and exotic destination spots. Aside from that she is as close to a 10 as you can get when it comes to chefs. She has a ton of versatility with her look as well, red hair, brown hair, blonde hair it literally doesn’t matter she is that damn hot.

About Americas Best Bites:

Natalie is the host of America’s Best Bites. The weekly show is based on audience participation through social media platforms of voting on their favorite ‘bites’ around the country. Viewers can catch a glimpse of Natalie’s ‘real deal’ personality and Southern charm as she dives right into some of America’s most decadent dishes. If you have a favorite ‘bite’ of your own or want to share some of your own personal food magic with Natalie, tweet to her @NatalieJForte. You should also check out her instagram and the photo section of her website. There is sexy gold everywhere.









About Tiffani Amber Thiessen:

That’s right, Kelly Mother Fuckin’ Kapowski is on the Cooking Channel. I know, I know, I was shocked myself. Tiffani is an ALL-TIME smokeshow in my book. She really doesn’t need to be explained does she? I mean I grew up idolizing her on Saved By The Bell.

About Dinner At Tiffani’s:

After her sucessful career on TV Tiffani turned to cooking as a new way to express herself. Dinner at Tiffani’s is a play on the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and on the program Tiffani cooks up a storm.









About Giada De Laurentiis:

Giada’s career started on Food Network in 2002 when she was discovered by a network executive upon reading an article about her and the De Laurentiis family in Food & Wine magazine. Since then, Giada has earned an Emmy for Outstanding Lifestyle Host and has become one of Food Network’s most-recognizable faces. Her Emmy Award-winning daytime cooking show, Everyday Italian.  Aside from all that cooking nonsense that got her on TV, Giada is the hottest woman on the Food Network. That is just a fact. Why you ask? Well she is a little bite size chick with great tits that she can’t stop showing off on her shows. The reason she is number one is based on the fact that she is all over the network, basically on every show. Each time wearing outfits that are sexier and more revealing. For that I applaud her and ask Giada to never stop showing us the goods.

About Every Day Italian:

Everyday Italian features quick, healthy and satisfying Italian dishes.