The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Cooking Chicken

People tend to think of chicken as an “easy” choice of meat, but the truth is that getting it right is actually pretty tough. You may even be surprised at just how many of these poultry-based mistakes you’re making in the kitchen, and that chicken deserves better.

Just like with any kind of meat or fish, the first job when preparing chicken is choosing a high-quality cut or bird. People put a lot of thought into how their beef looks, and chicken really shouldn’t be any different. There are a few key ways you can tell whether chicken is any good or not. Firstly, the meat ought to be bright pink all over, including in the crevice areas, such as the thighs and wings.

If that chicken is going gray, it’s going bad. The flesh should be firm but not stiff, and springy to the touch. Equally, chicken that has developed an odor should be avoided like the plague. Finally, there should be absolutely no blood visible on the meat. Follow those rules and you’ll be going home with a potentially tasty chicken.