The Real Reason Trader Joe’s Is Always Out Of Products

It’s one of the only downsides to shopping at Trader Joe’s, and that’s the likelihood something you want just isn’t going to be there. But, as it turns out, there is some method to this madness. Here’s the real reason Trader Joe’s is always out of products. In keeping with its sea-faring theme, Trader Joe’s applies the “gangway factor” to its products. What does that mean? Gangway, with its nautical stylings and which can also be defined as an interjection meaning “out of the way!” actually makes perfect sense. See, Trader Joe’s stores are typically the opposite of ginormous, and that means that they can’t just keep adding new products on top of old products, particularly if a product isn’t doing well. And that brings us to the gangway factor. According to the company’s FAQ, it’s a common reason a product might be discontinued. They explain: “Because we introduce new products every week, we have to eliminate items that aren’t selling strongly enough to earn their spot on the shelf. It’s a matter of space. And it keeps things interesting.” In other words, those duds simply have no choice but to “gangway!” Yes, it’s a bummer when one of your favorites doesn’t make the cut, but think of all the tasty new products that may have landed in their place.