The Real Truth About Chef Matty Matheson

TV and movies can often portray the life of a famous chef as pretty rock ‘n roll. But Canadian chef, TV host and personality Matty Matheson has experienced more than his share of struggles … and it’s been a long road to landing his massive success. So who’s the guy behind this culinary tattooed sneakerhead? Here’s the real truth about Matty Matheson. Never one to shy away from spilling the less-savory details of his checkered past, Matty frequently entertains fans and interviewers with stories of drug binges lasting days at a time. There was nothing he wouldn’t consume if offered to him, and he often enjoyed taking multiple kinds of substances at once. For 15 years, Matty soaked up as much alcohol, snow, ecstasy, mushrooms, and acid as he could get his hands on. He was a self-appointed “garbage head” someone who constantly dabbled in mind-altering substances.