The Truth About Arby’s Roast Beef

Even if you have a favorite fast-food burger, you gotta admit: You can go anywhere to get one of those. If you want something different, head to Arby’s and pick up a few of their roast beef sandwiches. They’re delicious, but here’s the thing: they’re weird. Here’s the truth about Arby’s roast beef. Arby’s built its business on roast beef. But the fast-food giant has been broadening its horizons in recent years.

In 2018, Arby’s launched a brand-new ad campaign with this slogan: “Arby’s. We have the meats.” “For sandwiches.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the entire campaign was designed to let people know there’s much more to Arby’s than roast beef. The campaign features a character referred to as the “Head of Sandwiches,” whose whole schtick is wondering why people only associate Arby’s with a certain kind of meat: Don’t worry: Arby’s isn’t turning its back on roast beef.

The fast-food chain just wants to appeal to a younger generation people who gravitate toward a more diverse array of sandwiches, and not their grandparents’ roast beef. You’ve probably heard this one before. A lot of people believe the name of the fast-food chain is a pun on “roast beef.” R.B. Arby’s. Get it? Well, you might as well forget it because it’s simply not true.