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5 July, 2018

The Ultimate Junk Food Nachos

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The Ultimate Junk Food Nachos

Born on the streets of Tijuana, Dorilocos is a head-scratching combination of junk food staples, all stuffed into a bag of Doritos. The popular Mexican antojito, mixes together Nacho Cheese Doritos, a blend of hot sauces, fresh vegetables, and — oddly enough — gummy worms. The Mexican junk food smorgasbord is now being reimagined north of the border at Taqueria Madre, a hidden taqueria located in the Brooklyn bar Parklife. They’re adding even more junk food to the party, blending together a variety of chips and chicharrones for a dish they’re calling the Madrelocos. They’re also reimagining other Mexican street food classics, like their gyro take on al pastor tacos.

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