The Untold Truth Of MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual pizza joint that’s taking the world by storm — and growing at a ridiculous pace. We decided to take a close look at what MOD is all about — from the company’s philosophy to its slew of topping options. This is the untold truth of MOD Pizza. In comparison to pizza giants like Pizza Hut and Domino’s, MOD is definitely the new kid on the block. The chain’s story began in Seattle, Washington in 2008. Founders Scott and Ally Svenson were inspired to open their first pizza joint in their hometown, but not because they felt the world really needed another pizza place. Speaking to Q13 FOX in 2016, Scott recalled something Ally told him right off the bat: The Svensons wanted to create a workplace where employees could truly thrive. As Ally explains it, Scott’s background was in investment banking. Ally formerly had a career in the publishing industry. They’re a truly unique pair. In 1995, the couple changed course and opened Seattle Coffee Company in London. They both left their day jobs to open the new business, and the leap of faith certainly paid off: The Svensons sold Seattle Coffee Company to Starbucks for close to $90 million in 1998. Ten years later, they moved back to Seattle, explored the pizza scene, and MOD Pizza was born. It’s not often that a company makes a concerted effort to hire people with criminal histories — but MOD Pizza isn’t your average company. Their hiring practices are truly unique. One of the reasons the Svensons wanted to open the restaurant was to offer a great place to work, and they’ve embraced a wide variety of employees with different types of backgrounds from the start. Keep watching the video to learn the untold truth of MOD pizza!