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17 March, 2016

These Volcanic Milkshakes May Soon Take The World By Storm

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If you LIKE over the top…totally insane milkshakes, then you will love this post!
These Volcanic Milkshakes May Soon Take The World By Storm
First Australia, then England … which brave soul is going to start a business dedicated to these in North America?

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Milkshakes are extremely delicious, no matter the flavor (that is, if you can tolerate an unnecessary amount of dairy). But some artists who practice their profession in the food industry aren’t shy to explore the limitless possibilities in trying to bust one’s gut.


These creative pieces are called Freakshakes. First made popular in Australia, they’ve come to London, England via a cafe called Molly Bakes Cafe. Usually equipped with loads of caramel, chocolate and a brownie or giant cookie sitting on the top, finishing one of these is more so a death sentence than it is a post-meal dessert.

via MollyBakes

via MollyBakes

In all fairness, these aren’t really milkshakes. Some places in New York have also tried to replicate these volcanic eruptions of dairy, yet keeping it simple with the basic elements is all you need for a perfect shake, and not two weeks of your caloric intake foaming out of a glass. You can’t put a cheeseburger on top of a coffee and still call it a latte, can you?

Via mollybakes.co.uk

Via mollybakes.co.uk


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