This Boston Creme Angel Food Cake Is Heaven-Sent

This Boston Creme Angel Food Cake Is Heaven-Sent


Truth: We’ve never met a dessert we didn’t like, but when it comes to sweets, cake, custard, and ganache are always at the top of our lists. Naturally, that makes us massive Boston cream fans. We’ve turned the classic dessert into cupcakes, a poke cake, and even pancakes—the more over-the-top, the better—but even though our latest iteration is a little more subtle, the difference is heavenly.

You start with your standard ingredients—vanilla pudding mix and a homemade chocolate ganache—but instead of baking a vanilla cake, you’re going to swap it out for angel food cake. If you’re a skeptic who feels like there is legit no substitute for a classic white or yellow cake, just trust me: The lighter the cake, the more you can eat. Now you see the light.

he best part of this cake is that you don’t even have to buy a mix of angel food cake mix, or, god forbid, make one from scratch when it’s too hot to deal with your oven. Just buy a store-bought, pre-made angel food cake, slice it in half, and spread a (really thick!) layer of pudding on it. Top it with the over cake half, then pour your homemade ganache on top. It’s ready in less than 30 minutes. Die of dessert happiness.