Top 10 Obese Countries In The World

Top 10 Obese Countries In The World


  • Republic of Nauru: Percentage of population that is obese: 61%[2]


Nauru has rapidly replaced its traditional diet of fresh fruit, fish, and vegetables with fried chicken and cola.


  • Cook Islands: 55.9%[1]


Lurking behind the paradise of the Cook Islands is a deadly obesity epidemic.


  • Palau: 55.3%[3]


Residents of Palau suffer from increased levels of life threatening diseases, such as hypertension.


  • Marshall Islands: 52.9%[8]


Sixty years ago, diabetes was practically unheard of in the Marshall Islands.


  • Tuvalu: 51.6%[6]


Because the island is so small, a single tourist resort, fast-food chain, or trade deal has a much more profound effect on society than it would, say, in India.


  • Niue: 50%[4]


Nine of the world’s ten most obese countries are in the Pacific.


  • Tonga: 48.32%[10]


Up to 40% of the Tongan population has type 2 diabetes. (Donyanedomam / Getty Images)


  • Samoa: 47.3%[9]


In the 1950s, U.S. poultry farms began dumping unwanted fatty turkey tails into markets in Samoa, where they soon became a Samoan favorite.


  • Kiribati: 46%[7]


Globalization introduced processed and calorie-dense food, such as Spam and corned beef. (Jody Jacobson / Getty Images)


  • Kuwait: 37.9[5]


The very first McDonald’s restaurant in Kuwait appeared on a U.S. military base during the 1991 invasion of Iraq. Since then, obesity rates have skyrocketed.