Top 10 States With The Most Food Stamp Recipients

Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever been hungry and you don’t have food? If not, congratulations you don’t live in one of nearly 15 million households in the United States that are considered food insecure. Almost 45 million Americans rely on some sort of help from a government agency to eat.
The strange things about this subject is a lot of Americans think food stamps recipients are just people that are lazy, they’re from inner cities, and they are just cheating/gaming the system. Those thoughts wouldn’t really be accurate. As you’ll see on this list there are more rural, middle America states with a higher percentage.

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service reports there were around 44.7 million individual food stamps recipients receiving an average benefit of $127 each in 2018.
Millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and an expensive grocery bill is a little hard to pull off.
Unfortunately, the state-by-state percentages of people on food stamps is higher than you’d probably ever imagined. And the tax dollars the state and federal government puts into these programs each year will always get some taxpayers’ blood boiling — no matter how many people it helps.

If your one of those taxpayers, this list is for you. I want you to know the states to not buy real estate or move to so your blood pressure doesn’t shoot threw the roof when someone gets help getting food. I am going to list the states that have the highest per capita population on food stamps. Let’s see who starts this list.