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What Common Fruits And Vegetables Look Like On The Vine

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What Common Fruits And Vegetables Look Like On The Vine

Have you ever paused to think about the adventures of the average food before its arrival on the shelf at your grocery store? As it turns out, you might be surprised to learn how different many common foods you eat every day look before they are harvested. Though the photos below may appear to be of exotic and weird food plants, they’re actually just a collection of what super common foods look like when they’re growing on farms or out in the wild.

Here you’ll find pictures of weird food plants that actually produce everything from some of your favorite fruits and vegetables to your morning cup of coffee. For instance, did you know that pineapples don’t actually grow on trees, but on fairly short plants that can only produce one fruit at a time? Ever wonder where common nuts like cashews actually come from or what other flowers the plants they grow on also produce? The answers may shock and surprise you!

Check out these fun facts that’ll make you see the world of food in a whole new light, or at least give you some super random trivia to throw out next time you’re at the grocery store with a friend.

Ginger Is Made from the Roots of This Pretty Perennial Plant!

Pineapples Come Not from Trees but Plants That Grow Fairly Close to the Ground

Pomegranate Trees Also Grow These Cool Looking Tropical Flowers

Garlic Flowers Are Straight Out of Dr. Seuss

Cinnamon Comes from the Bark of a Variety of Trees!

If Left Unpicked, Artichokes Are Merely the Base for Flowers That Will Bloom

Coffee Beans Are Actually Cherries from Plants That Grow Up to Seven Feet Tall

Mustard Is Made from the Fast Growing, Surprisingly Leafy Mustard Plant

Strawberry Plants Produce Not Only Berries but Pretty Little Flowers, Too!

Papayas Are Grown on Trees That Look Similar to Coconut Trees

Leeks Are Actually the Bases for Cool Purple Flowers

Black Pepper Is Made from Little Pepper Berries