What You Should Know Before Eating At Arby’s Again

If you’re a fan of roast beef, you’ve probably enjoyed a sandwich or two at Arby’s. Well, there are a few surprising facts about the fast-food chain you should probably know before biting into your next roast beef sandwich.

Arby’s roast beef sandwiches have long been associated with one particularly pervasive rumor. As the story goes, the chain’s signature sandwich meat starts out as an unappetizing paste, which is later shaped, roasted, and sliced to perfection. So… is there any truth at all to the nasty hearsay?

Sorry, conspiracy theorists: This rumor is as false as it is disgusting. As Snopes reports, Jim Lowder of Arby’s Quality Assurance has clearly stated:

“Our product does not arrive as a paste, gel or liquid.”

Snopes further explained how an outsider might mistake a bag of the packaged roast beef for “liquid” meat. It’s reportedly kept in a goopy solution prior to serving, so the meat probably looks rather slimy at first glance. But Arby’s insiders confirm there’s indeed a chunk of solid meat swimming in all that goo, and it gets roasted and sliced just like Lowder says it does.

Okay, so that old liquid meat rumor doesn’t hold any water… but what about this particular news nugget?

“A Michigan teen was finishing his Arby’s roast beef sandwich when he bit down on something that seemed rubbery. He spit it out only to discover it was the tip of a finger.”

“Now Arby’s has since apologized, saying it is an isolated and unfortunate incident. The risk of getting an infection from chewing human flesh is low.”

What can we say, other than: “Knowledge is power.”

Watch the video for more on what you should know before eating at Arby’s again.