What You Should Know Before Eating At Burger King

It’s tough to imagine a world without Burger King, a place where you can go to satisfy the craving for something meaty, salty, filling, and fast. Even if you can’t go a week without a Whopper, there are still probably some things you don’t know or don’t remember about this American favorite. You wouldn’t think a burger joint would get very far taking the burger out of their burgers. But in early 2019, Burger King did just that when they rolled out the Impossible Whopper to 59 locations in the St. Louis area. A meat-free burger substitute, the Impossible Burger proved to be a massive success, leading Burger King to announce that they would roll out the Impossible Whopper nationwide by the end of the year. Assuming their supplier, Impossible Foods, can keep up with the demand, that is: according to CNN, Burger King has more locations than all other clients of Impossible Foods combined. Keep watching the video to learn what you should know before eating at Burger King!