Who Has The Best Fast Food Fried Chicken?

Fast Food Chicken Chains Ranked Worst To Best

As America falls deeper in love with chicken, the number of chicken chains seem to be growing by the day. However, you don’t need to go out and try each restaurant. Instead, dig in to this finger-licking good ranking of the most popular fast food chicken chains, in order from the worst to the best. You can find Champs Chicken in gas stations and convenience stores all across the country. That fact shouldn’t deter you from trying it, though, because lots of great food can be found in gas stations. What should steer you away from Champs Chicken is the fact that they have terrible chicken. First of all, Champs Chicken apparently hunts down the scrawniest chickens available. Then they manage to simultaneously undercook the skin while overcooking the meat. The result is mealy and fatty skin wrapped around tasteless slivers of meat. Order a drumstick and you’ll feel like you’re gnawing on a sandy shoe. Champs Chicken exists because it’s conveniently located and inexpensive. If you actually care about what your chicken tastes like, you’ll go a few extra miles and spend a little bit more money to find an alternative worth eating. Boston Market has been known for their homestyle meals and amazing rotisserie chicken for decades. However, in recent years, the quality of their chicken has drastically declined. What used to be a dependable spot to find juicy, tender chicken and other delicious offerings is now an inconsistent eatery where the chicken is often more rubbery than juicy, and the seasoning is more bland than ever. It’s not just the quality of the chicken that seems to be causing the demise of Boston Market. It’s the fact that you can find rotisserie chicken in almost every grocery store these days. When you can get a perfectly cooked bird at Costco for $4.99, why would you venture to Boston Market for a more expensive and less appetizing meal? Keep watching the video to see the fast food chicken chains ranked from worst to best!